Love Is Calling For Wonderland (LICFW)is a surreal fashion collection that takes inspiration from Yayoi Kusama’s Love Is Calling art installation that explores the theme of life and death through endless reflection and bright colors, as well as the play on scales and distortion of reality from the world of Alice In Wonderland.
This collection showcases garments in darker silhouettes accented with pops of bright colors through the use of original prints. The first look from the collection represents life, and features a fully tailored jacket in vivid colors and ends with a look that while sculptural, is free-form and layered in scorched black organzas. The final look represents death.
LICFW subverts the design principle “Form Follows Function”, and suggests that ‘Function Follows Form”. This is done through the deliberate removal of traditional garment aspects such as armholes, sleeves, and openings, as well as disregarding proportions and fit. The wearer, while wearing the garment, is seemingly distorting their anatomy, and embraces the design unapologetically. 

Designed, made, styled by @baaqiy

Images by Alimba.P

Models: Sophie Patrice, Jack Bartholomeusz

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