Australian designer, based in Melbourne, Australia.

BAAQIY, is an eponymous Melbourne-based fashion brand, founded by Australian designer Baaqiy Ghazali in 2022. Having embarked on her design journey at the Whitehouse Institute in 2022, Baaqiy swiftly captured attention within the fashion landscape. Her creations found a spotlight in esteemed publications such as Vogue Australia, Rolling Stone, and Jane Magazine, underscoring the brand's undeniable impact and influence. At the heart of BAAQIY is a commitment to being at the forefront of fashion, embracing a philosophy that is gender-exclusive, size-inclusive, and proudly locally made and sourced. The brand draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of influences, seamlessly weaving together elements from architecture, classical art, Baaqiy's Malaysian heritage, and avant-garde aesthetics. This fusion of diverse inspirations manifests in designs that are not just garments but intricate narratives.

Baaqiy currently works as a designer for Australian brand, BARIANO

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