‘Design is an ever-evolving process. For WasteFest, I wanted to redesign a look I created previously, made from faulty discounted PVC. Other materials I incorporated include children’s jackets, as well as couch covers and lampshade, both sourced from Hanover House office space. Off-cuts and unused materials will be used in future designs. An accompanying photoshoot at Hanover House soon-to-be-demolished office space ensued’


Design/make/direction/assist : Baaqiy

Photographer: Julia Engl

Talent: Raina Ye

About Future From WasteLab of STH BNK by Beulah

The way we have been consuming fashion for the last few decades has come at a huge expense to environmental, social, and economic health. In line with BETA’s aim to pave a new path in sustainability, the Future From Waste Lab rewrites the rules and looks beyond the fashion industry’s current boundaries to present a radical new retail model that is part of the solution.

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